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As an interior finishing material, fibrous plaster cannot be beaten for its strength and durability. Fibrous plaster produces one of the finest finishes of all the different types of interior linings – which when combined with a good paint job will leave you with an outstanding result.

A common misconception with Fibrous Plaster is that people mistake the term ‘Fibrous Plaster’ for ‘Carrara Ceilings’ or ‘Carrara Mouldings’ when referring to plaster products. Just outside the city of Carrara is a Quarry in Italy, where Carrara marble is found - as well as gypsum, which is a main component of plaster powder (Plaster of Paris). Gypsum is also formed at other mines and quarries around the world, not solely at the quarry near Carrara. This is where the misconception of the name ‘Carrara’ comes from.

At the Biggins factory, our team are kept busy producing fibrous plaster products for both the commercial and residential sectors. Our philosophy is “no job too big or small”. From lengths of cornice needed for the renovation of an old villa, to fire surrounds that add a touch of class to any home, to the total refurbishment of the interior of the old Supreme Court and Government House, Biggins Fibrous Plaster manufactures and installs it all. Fibrous plaster integrates just as well in modern settings as it does is in the more traditional or historical buildings, so don’t be fooled by thinking it’s a product used only to replicate past eras in our architectural history.

Biggins also supplies fibrous plaster products to other companies in the interior finishing industry, and consumers with the DIY ability to do the installation job themselves.

On top of our fibrous plaster manufacture and supply business, Biggins also offers the complete plaster board fix and stop service as an accredited GIB Club Installer.

We are happy to provide you with a free quote for your work. You can e-mail your request directly from this website, phone us, or pop into the showroom for one-on-one personal service.

While we have literally hundreds of moulds at the factory, there are occasions when a customer provides us with a sample that there is no mould for. Biggins has skilled tradespeople who can create a new mould from a sample or drawing provided. The moulds that we can make and the products that we manufacture from them are really only limited by your imagination.


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